Technology in education: Acer & Madre Alberta School

Acer Chromebooks are a booster for educational innovation. Unravel the story of Madre Alberta School as they found in Acer Chromebook Spin 512 the perfect tool to give their students access to the potential of digitalization and prepare them for life outside the academic world.

About Madre Alberta School

Madre Alberta is an educational center located in Palma de Mallorca that carries out every day an ambitious mission: preparing more than 800 students to navigate future society at best.  

With its educational offer covering kindergarten to high school, this Spanish school is a prestigious center within the Mallorcan island aiming for academic excellence through its innovative projects

As the school principal – H. Begoña Fornes Zaragozá – states, the educational program rests on four pillars: innovation, globalization, the application of new technologies, alongside religious identity. 

Striving for innovation, Madre Alberta explores new teaching methods, focusing on fostering students’ digital skills to equip them for life outside the classroom.

Choosing Acer as a partner for innovation and sustainability

Among its innovative programs, the Madre Alberta School features the “one-to-one” project that requires every student to work with their own device. 

Thus, when the school started to design the project, educators considered current and future needs, concluding that the IT equipment had to meet some necessary requirements, such as battery autonomy, durability, safety, and sustainability.

Eventually, they chose Acer as their IT partner because it was able to provide rugged devices that could withstand daily usage and last in time, also reducing the environmental impact. 

Specifically, Madre Alberta selected the Acer Chromebook Spin 512, trusting the implementation project presented by Icono together with the support of Acer for Education and Google for Education

According to the school, the devices exceeded their expectations as they appreciated not only the long battery life guaranteeing more than 10 hours of autonomy but also their durability and resistance, helping the center to promote sustainability

The advantages of choosing Acer Chromebook Spin 512

The school staff and educators witnessed firsthand the success of the partnership between Acer and Madre Alberta.

“We decided on the Acer Chromebook Spin 512 because we were looking for devices that would meet our needs: robust devices that could withstand the daily use our students give them, that were versatile, with built-in security and that had a long battery life.” – Mª del Mar Sánchez-Monge, Head of ICT 

The Chromebook Spin 512 did not disappoint, contributing to the successful outcome of the “one-to-one” project thanks to its flexible features that adapted perfectly to the needs of students. The pivotal advantage is their usability since they are 12-inch touch devices with a 3:2 ratio and integrated camera. In addition, the convertible devices allow four positions of use, making them very versatile for the student.

Madre Alberta could not be happier with its choice: the Acer devices are durable, with unlimited storage that switches on in a few seconds and great autonomy. Moreover, thanks to the fact that they include Google For Education tools and the Chrome OS operating system, they facilitate cooperative work between students and teachers, allowing very secure management and control over the team.

Pau González Marí, director of the ESO and Baccalaureate stage, finally commented that integrating Acer Chromebooks in the daily work of students allowed to enrich their learning process, which is pedagogically essential for Madre Alberta School “to form autonomous, responsible people, people of the future.”

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