Using technology in the classroom: the case of Masaryk Grammar School

Using technology in the classroom activities is an invaluable support for attracting student interest — one of the primary challenges of modern education.

Masaryk Grammar School proves that ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) should not be limited to STEM topics but can also serve as a reinforcement tool for a humanities-oriented learning path.

A closer look at Masaryk Grammar School

The Masaryk Gymnasium is located in Příbor, Czech Republic. Hosted in a beautiful Art Noveau building in the foothills of the Beskydy Mountains, the school has a rich history spanning well over a century.

Masaryk Grammar School is a traditional humanities-oriented high school providing full-time secondary education in courses of study ranging from four to eight years.

Eight years ago, the school began investigating the introduction of information technology in order to keep pace with digital progress. Their objective? To maximize student involvement in the learning process.

Additionally, the obsolete and inefficient old ICT equipment needed a replacement that could suit the needs of modern education, becoming a beneficial learning tool for students while supporting teachers’ everyday activities.

Looking to exploit this double-win situation, the Masaryk Gymnasium partnered with Acer and became one of the first educational institutions in the Czech Republic to adopt Google technologies.

Acer Chromebooks: matching every requirement

Masaryk found that Acer devices were the ideal choice due to their school-focused design.

When selecting new ICT for the school, it was crucial to consider specific requirements. The devices must be durable enough to withstand daily use and user-friendly to simplify workload management.

Additionally, affordability and the protection of student and teacher data were also a priority. Ultimately, the right solution had to be both safe and economical to purchase and maintain.

Referrals from other schools helped the Masaryk Gymnasium zero in on Acer as their partner for integrating information technology into the learning experience. Upon reception of these valuable references, the school cooperated with the Czech branch of the Google User Group to select the most fitting devices.

After pilot testing, the Masaryk Grammar School introduced to its classrooms the durable Acer Chromebook Spin 512. Its long battery life, 12-inch touchscreen and convertible, rugged design included the Chrome Education Upgrade and proved the perfect solution for every level of learning and teaching!

“Acer Chromebooks have proven to be the right choice for introducing digital technologies into the classroom. Their acceptance by both students and teachers has been smooth, and they are now used in all areas of education, including leisure activities.”

Pavel Kerekes, Masaryk Grammar School principal

Furthermore, students are the first happy witnesses of the success of introducing Chromebooks in the learning process. The devices are both easy to use and designed to support education thanks to the inclusion of features such as the Google Workspace for Education services which assist students in individual and group work.

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