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18, December 2019 Innovative technologies

Their Future. Our present. Build you esports Lab today with Acer for Education

If you are a school leader and you are thinking about introducing an Esports Lab for your students or about taking your esports team to a next level, Acer for Education is the perfect choice to support you by providing awarded devices for mobile or arena environment!

Esports in Higher Education and K-12 can really make a difference by transforming learning environments with powerful, innovative gaming solutions to revolutionize education by fostering immersive learning, creativity and collaboration.

The 21st-century learner is expected to be a critical thinker, make informed judgments, be a creative problem solver, communicate and collaborate with others, use information in innovative ways, and take responsibility for himself and others. Gaming provides an avenue for all of these skills to be in play. Gaming in Education holds power for student learning. It offers immersive learning experiences which foster collaboration, creativity, content creation, critical thinking and career ready skills.

Did you know? More than 70 institutions now offer scholarships for Esports, and they’re developing new facilities for their competitors and fans. Esports, a movement that features competitive video game play that grew out of the commercial gaming industry, is popular at the college and professional levels. Now, it is gaining a greater foothold in K-12 and paving the way for successful Esports program at colleges and universities around the world.

Build your Esports Lab!

Our portfolio includes cutting-edge products for gamers. As a matter of fact, in 2019, with Acer Predator we have become the world’s first gaming brand to win the Red Dot Brand Award for its excellence of design and innovation.

Moreover, our commitment is not limited to gaming hardware and gadgets. We are also working to provide schools with lessons framework to boost Esports in education, since many of the soft and hard skills that 21st century jobs require can be improved through responsible gaming. Today students are tomorrow leaders: let’s unleash their potential now!

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