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Learning skills

21, September 2020 Learning skills
3 ways to foster social and emotional learning
We need to take special care of our students’ social and emotional skills as well as their academics. Explore three ways to foster interpersonal abilities without being in the same room.
06, August 2020 Learning skills
The importance of edtech to create an inclusive classroom
How can teachers use assistive technology to make education truly inclusive? From useful compensation tools to making the classroom a welcoming place for everyone.
28, July 2020 Learning skills
5 ways to keep your brain active during the summer holidays
Here are five fun ways to keep your brain active during holidays, and none of them are homework.
17, July 2020 Learning skills
How gaming can improve spatial memory and attention
Can #videogames make you smarter? While most parents and teachers are still more likely to say the opposite, research has found interesting links between gaming and positive effects on the human brain.
13, May 2020 Learning skills
Learn and teach remotely with Adobe Creative Cloud
Discover how Adobe Education Exchange apps can help the education community stay strong in these times of emergency with its hub of Remote Learning resources for students and teachers worldwide.
07, May 2020 Learning skills
Making school life easier with Acer and Skooler
Say hello to Acer for Education’s newest partner: Skooler is the learning tools platform that will make your teaching experience too cool for school.

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