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Learning skills

13, May 2020 Learning skills
Learn and teach remotely with Adobe Creative Cloud
Discover how Adobe Education Exchange apps can help the education community stay strong in these times of emergency with its hub of Remote Learning resources for students and teachers worldwide.
07, May 2020 Learning skills
Making school life easier with Acer and Skooler
Say hello to Acer for Education’s newest partner: Skooler is the learning tools platform that will make your teaching experience too cool for school.
29, April 2020 Learning skills
4 Cybersecurity Practices for Remote Learning
Are your students’ devices and information safe? Remote learning is an opportunity but is not without risks. Let's make it safer: here are our 4 cybersecurity practices to shape students into responsible digital citizens.
06, April 2020 Learning skills
4 key benefits of Remote Learning
Have you switched to remote learning? A new learning experience to face these troubled times with an interesting bundle of benefits.
17, February 2020 Learning skills
5 ways EdTech can be useful in physical education
EdTech can be useful in physical education. don't believe us? Here are 5 ways for subverting the stereotype of digital devices making children and teenagers less active.
11, February 2020 Learning skills
From STEM to STEAM learning: what is the difference?
What does it mean adding an A to STEM learning? Not just inserting art in the learning path, but developing a new and more creative education approach.

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