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06, February 2019 Success Stories

[CSR] Recycling for charity: Acer’s EMEA Campaign helps 10 institutions

Great results for Acer EMEA Recycling Campaign: thanks to its success, more than 35 Chromebooks were donated to educational charities across 10 institutions in Europe, Middle East and Africa.

How did the EMEA Recycling Campaign work?


EMEA Recycling Campaign: a new life for e-waste

Acer EMEA Recycling Campaign encouraged its employees to donate their e-waste – such as notebooks, desktops, monitors and smartphones – in order to raise funds for charitable organisations: during this initiative 420 kg of recycled electronics were gathered.


Clearness and support: Acer’s Corporate Social Responsibility policy

About the campaign, the EMEA General Manager at Acer, Paul Collins, declared: “This campaign is very close to our hearts and we wanted our employees to play their role in respecting the planet and doing small, daily actions that can have a significant impact on the environment as well as give something back to our community”.

In fact, the EMEA Recycling Campaign was a substantial part of Acer’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy, which encourages local companies to be transparent and supportive towards social, cultural and environmental issues.


The Dubai Autism Centre among the 10 institutions helped by the campaign

Among the 10 institutions helped by this project in Europe, Middle East and Africa there was the Dubai Autism Centre, a non-profit institution that helps children with Autism Spectrum Disorders. Thanks to the EMEA Recycling Campaign, the organisation received not only Chromebooks, but four 2-in-1 Windows tablets and two projectors too.

Acer is firmly committed to play its part for a better future and investing in education is a key action to reach this goal. Helping institutions like the Dubai Autism Centre means to concretely address social issues that affects equality in education, by spreading knowledge about the great role charity plays in integrating children with diseases into the community.

The Dubai Autism Centre was founded in 2001 with the aim of providing a better life for children with Autism in the UAE. What kind of services does the Centre provide? It gives comprehensive and specialised support to children with autism, in accordance with the international standards. Moreover, the Dubai Autism Centre also focuses its efforts on providing various educational and therapeutic services to its students by developing Individual Education Plans (IEP’s) to ensure a custom-made assistance.

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