Making school life easier with Acer and Skooler

Making school life easier with a little help from technology is an integral part of Acer for Education’s mission, and as such, Acer will not hesitate to partner with those who share that mission to offer educators, students and their families the best solutions available.
That is why Acer has recently partnered with Skooler, developer of a leading learning tools platform, to strengthen its teaching resources ecosystem and offer support to all learning workflows regardless of grade level, from the very first day of kindergarten to high school graduation.
Let’s have a closer look at what we can expect from such a partnership.

Meant for teachers, beneficial to everyone

Skooler is a set of tools meant primarily for teachers, but supporting teachers has beneficial consequences on students and their families as well.
Integrating seamlessly with the Office 365 Education suite, Skooler offers educators such tools as Planning, Assignments, Assessments and Gradebook, all of which can have a great positive impact on their ability to communicate with students effectively, track their progress and spot any potential red flags, and coordinate with other teachers. In turn, this will give students an easier learning experience and a greater support network should they ever encounter difficulties on their path to knowledge.
Skooler can also encourage and support the involvement of students’ families through the Parent/Guardian Portal and the related mobile app, so that parental figures can be notified of their children’s progress wherever they are and take an active role in the three-way partnership that education should ideally be. If it is to be successful, education requires a bond of trust and a willingness to work together on the part of all three of its equally important protagonists: students, teachers, and families. Take away one from the equation, and it becomes much harder for the new generation’s full potential to be realised.
That is why Skooler begins as a toolset for teachers, but its ultimate goal is to connect all three players into one cohesive whole; partnering with Acer was the ideal step to take in order to get closer to that goal.

An all-in-one solution

Built exclusively for Office 365 Education and hosted in Microsoft Azure, Skooler is the perfect addition to any teacher’s and student’s Windows computer.
That is why an Acer Windows device equipped with Office 365 Education, Acer Classroom Manager, and the full range of Skooler Learning Management tools is the ultimate solution for educators to keep all their teaching resources in one place, maximising engagement with students and families while at the same time reducing complexity in their day-to-day procedures: imagine managing your assignments, lesson plans and communication with your students’ parents without multiple logins and applications to juggle.
“Building a collaboration partnership with Acer and their key education Solution Centres will allow us to jointly expand our reach into many new countries and opportunities,” says Tor Ove Henriksen, CEO of Skooler. “We welcome Acer to the Skooler Partner family”.
“Thanks to the partnership with Skooler, we will be able to offer a seamless all in one solution to our education customers,” says Massimiliano Rossi, Acer EMEA Product Business Unit Vice President. “Our mission is to bring innovative technologies to schools supporting educators to create the learning environments where students can develop the skills they need for their future. We believe that our collaboration with Skooler will provide educators with the right technology to make such learning environments real”.
Such a spirit of collaboration between Acer and Skooler bodes well for the future of Acer Innovative Schools and hopefully many more. With the powerful combination of Acer devices and the possibilities offered by the Skooler platform, we hope to make teachers’ lives easier and to have a positive impact on students as well, making support from educators and families more readily available than ever.
With a lot less everyday hassle and a lot more opportunities to make a tangible difference for your students and to involve their parents more directly in their learning process, the partnership between Acer and Skooler will make your teaching experience too cool for school.

Whether you are a reseller, a school principal or a teacher get in contact with Roberto Rosaschino at to know more about Acer Teaching Resources strategy!

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