STEAM & EdTech cross curricular classroom activities students laptop

STEAM & EdTech: the perfect match for cross-curricular classroom activities

STEAM is the most comprehensive approach to integrate different subjects into engaging projects. Learn more about its importance and how EdTech can help you implement this model in your classroom. Read More
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5 main benefits of STEAM Education

Science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics: together, they make STEAM Education the best way to bring all of human knowledge together. Read More
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From STEM to STEAM learning: what is the difference?

What does it mean adding an A to STEM learning? Not just inserting art in the learning path, but developing a new and more creative education approach. Read More
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Fostering STEAM learning to better engage students

STEAM education goes beyond simply adding an art project into your classroom curriculum. It's more about preparing students to be more creative, innovative and motivated thinkers. Read More
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Acer Intel Esports Webinar

Esports in Education: Transforming Learning for the Future

Join this panel discussion featuring educators and esports experts, focusing on the emergence of esports in education, to explore the steps to launching an Esports team, and discuss the positive impacts observed once a program is established. Read More
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The impact of ChatGPT on education

The impact of ChatGPT on education

ChatGPT in education: what now appears as a threat to education may become a resource to innovate students' and teachers' experience. Read More
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Minecraft Education Edition Acer

Minecraft: Education Edition – The building blocks of engaging learning

Learn the basics of "Minecraft: Education Edition" from the ground up and discover why it’s a perfect fit for learning. Read More
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Critical Thinking Acer EdTech

Promoting critical thinking skills with EdTech

Can critical thinking be taught with EdTech? Foster one of the most important skills in your classroom with these activities. Read More
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Understanding Technology Acer ConceptD

Understanding technology and digital creativity: making a case for a new school subject

Digital creativity is a crucial part of any modern primary school. So why aren't we providing our students with the right tools? Read More
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ConceptD creativity

ConceptD portfolio: taking creativity to the next level

ConceptD renews its commitment to taking creativity to the next level with its creative portfolio in 2021. Read More
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