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Breakout rooms in remote learning: best practices and tips

Breakout rooms are a very useful built-in feature of most virtual learning platforms. Discover how to use them to promote engaging remote or hybrid classroom activities.

Remote Learning: the Lycée Français de Gavà Bon Soleil experience with Acer Chromebooks

In our latest success story, discover how Acer Chromebooks played a crucial role for the remote learning experience of Lycée Français de Gavà Bon Soleil in Barcelona.

4 Cybersecurity Practices for Remote Learning

Are your students’ devices and information safe? Remote learning is an opportunity but is not without risks. Let's make it safer: here are our 4 cybersecurity practices to shape students into responsible digital citizens.

How to set up a remote learning space at home

If you're dealing with Remote Learning, Acer has your back: explore our full range of solutions to set up the best workstation at home!

Microsoft Teams: making the transition to remote learning

Microsoft is providing resources for teachers to learn best practices using Microsoft Teams and a host of other distance learning tools.

4 key benefits of Remote Learning

Have you switched to remote learning? A new learning experience to face these troubled times with an interesting bundle of benefits.

Remote Learning: a comparison among top collaboration tools

In this comparison table you can have a complete overview of top remote learning tools at a single glance.

Flipped learning in remote education: turn your virtual classes upside down

Turn your virtual classes upside down with flipped learning. Remote education gives you the perfect chance to implement this methodological approach.

Nano learning and remote education: an effective resource for teachers

Exploring the possibilities offered by nano learning as an effective resource for teachers in the era of remote education.

Learning to code remotely? Discover how micro:bit can support teachers

The Micro:bit Educational Foundation has compiled a guide to remote teaching, including a live coding tool and tips for setting assignments in VLEs like Google Classroom and Microsoft Teams.