Acer Chromebooks – from remote to hybrid learning in Bahrain

During the rocky remote learning years, Acer Chromebooks has stood by the side of countless schools worldwide.

Bahrain’s Modern Knowledge Schools is the organization that has perhaps benefitted most from the adoption of Chromebooks – which also supported their transition back to in-person learning while preserving hybrid elements.

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Step inside Modern Knowledge Schools

The Modern Knowledge Schools institute is located in Manama, Bahrain and has an enrollment of 800 students,

When Covid-19 hit in early 2020, remote learning at the school was fast-tracked thanks to Acer Chromebooks and Google Workspace for Education. Most grades had already integrated technology into their classrooms, and a full-scale transition followed.

Chromebook devices and Google apps kept pupils and educators connected during those challenging times. Seeking an additional layer of resources and security, Modern Knowledge Schools made the upgrade to Google Workspace Education Plus, and students couldn’t be more enthusiastic!

Complementary features, including Google Meet’s breakout rooms, shortened the distance of remote learning and won excellent feedback from both teachers and students.

Acer Chromebook & Google Workspace for Education – a match made in heaven

With one device per student, Acer Chromebooks empowered students to make the very best of Google Workspace. The platform provided a faster pace of learning, fostering more collaboration and engagement along with real-time feedback during digital classes. Students and teachers alike applauded the ease and flexibility.

Today, classroom attendance is still split between in-person and hybrid learning. However, pupils still use Acer Chromebooks across the board, from Arts to PE, from Science to Math. Benefits of Google Workspace for Education include handy collaborative tools. Students can edit files simultaneously and ask questions live using apps such as Google Forms, Docs, Sheets and Classroom.

Moreover, Chromebooks’ ease of use provided by convertible screen modes and touch screens made learning more engaging, fun and intuitive.

In the words of 10th-grader Lujain, everybody at MKS loves Acer Chromebooks because they let pupils smoothly work on assignments wherever they are – at home, school or on the go.

Success Story Key Info

School name: Modern Knowledge Schools, Bahrain

Acer devices: Chromebook Spin 512, Chromebook Spin 511

Partner contact: Learn 

Equip your students with Acer Chromebooks

Watch the video above to see Modern Knowledge Schools teachers and students in action!

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