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12, October 2020 ConceptD

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Introducing the third guest of our Create Every Day project: Jacob Henningsonn is a young and promising Brand Strategy student from Sweden, who is extremely passionate about getting a deep understanding of the dynamics behind the success of a product. His interest in implementing his observation skills as a strategist led Jacob to pursue a Master’s Degree in Branding.

Creativity has always played a major role in Jacob’s life. In fact, his first creative experiments date back to his childhood:

 “I had never let my mother dress me in the morning, I always wanted to do it myself and create an outfit, play with colours. The first time I created something was when I coloured my own jeans, my t-shirts… I took colours and just splashed them all over.”

Growing up following this spontaneous approach to inventiveness made Jacob confident about switching his perspective of the world to obtain different points of view, an essential aspect for his future career:

“When I go to the store and I see all of the products on the shelf, I don’t only see the product itself, I see packaging, labels, logos and really what makes one brand different from another. And then I try to […] understand that contrast. For example, going up to a rooftop with my device to change perspective and really try to get the creativity going.”

Be it a rooftop, a park, or a desk, ConceptD 7 Ezel follows Jacob anywhere and allows him to capture his ideas in real time, especially when he’s on the move. The combination of MAGIX’s creative apps and Windows Ink represent the ideal toolbox to unleash his ideas whenever creativity strikes, always powered by the speed and performance boost of Windows 10 Pro. Plus, Jacob’s projects are safe round the clock, thanks to the ever-updating protection of Windows Security.

We discovered the story of Nastaran – our Fashion Designer – and got deep into the world of Product Design with Carlotta, now it’s time to enter Jacob’s Create Every Day:

ConceptD makes the dreams of a new generation of creators come true.


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