Innovation Design Lab: young creators explore modern designs and scenarios for the ConceptD portfolio

We teamed up with IED (Istituto Europeo del Design)an international school where young creative minds from across countries come to become the designers of tomorrow – to create Innovation Design Lab.

We at Acer for Education give utter value to students and their creativity. This is why we engage them in projects revolving around our solutions. Because we consider them the present and the future of innovation.

For that reason, we asked students from the three-year IED courses of the School of Visual Arts, Design, and Alumni of the Master course in Design Innovation, Strategy and Product to propose new design scenarios and possible innovation trends for our brand new ConceptD portfolio.

The project: scope, research and development

Fifteen selected IED students and alumni formed three competing interdisciplinary teams; each one had to design a product concept involving different disciplines and creativities using an innovative high-quality design approach.

The teams got to work developing their final product concepts to be presented in the form of a digital project presentation to a committee made up of Acer representatives and IED Milan professionals.

The Innovation Design Lab was a doubly beneficial experience: on one side, students had the opportunity to see first-hand how a professional creative process looks like. On the other hand, company representatives witnessed an inspiring display of talent and new ideas.

Meet the teams and their concepts

Selecting the most deserving project was no easy task thanks to the high level of ideas developed by the young creative teams.

Team White presented a project centred on a new relationship between devices and creators. Boasting on advanced ways to control software and tools through gestures, the team’s Vision Dual and Vision MR were introduced as innovative creative companions designed with particular attention to posture and healthy viewing distance. The two devices were conceived to offer a large screen experience – typical of studios – on the go, with no compromises in terms of workflow.

The keyword of Team Raven’s proposal was “seamless”. Their D FLOW combined all the functionalities of a device with positive daily sensations, to elevate the level of empathy around the product. Their workstation was highlighted by different components that come into play only when needed. From power-sharing among the parts to streamlined data access, the D FLOW broke away from the idea of laptop as a single device. They focused instead on a system of devices that “help each other” in completing single tasks, replicating human cooperation.

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Finally, Team DEM developed a way to fill the gap between digital and physical communication. Litterae and Litterae II were designed to bring a laptop and controller together in a convenient two-piece toolset, ideal for creators who seek inspiration anytime and anywhere. In their vision, creators wouldn’t need any additional device or tool. Thanks to Litterae they would be able to automatically collect and organise information in clusters, managed by the users through filters and keywords.

All teams worked hard and put all their passion into their work, but ultimately Team DEM’s concept stood out, impressing the jury with their “phygital” laptop and becoming the winning project.

Unleashing pure creativity with ConceptD

Students and alumni from IED had the chance to rely on a great creative companion throughout the duration of the Innovation Design Lab: ConceptD.

The colour accuracy and high visual fidelity provided by the devices’ display played a major role in the realisation of the projects. The latest Intel Core processors enabled all participants to manage complex visual effects and heavy 3-D renderings with ease, while the simple and pure design of ConceptD – in complete harmony with the project scope – allowed both students and alumni to express their creativity in total freedom.

Learn more about the Acer Innovation Design Lab through the voice of the people who participated in the video above. 

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