Acer & Lycée Saint Riquier: an individualized learning example

The pandemic challenged most educational institutions to reshape their teaching methods to fit gathering limitations. This test turned out to be a blessing in disguise for schools that caught a glimpse of the opportunity for innovation.

The Lycée Saint Riquier took up the challenge and chose Acer Chromebook to revolutionize teaching, adapting to the emergency and finding a new perspective on education more focused on individualized learning in the meantime.

Lycée Saint Riquier: education striving for success 

The Lycée Saint Riquier is a school located in Amiens that accommodates around 1700 students from kindergarten to senior year. 

The school is founded on three core educational principles: providing a robust education, developing effective study methods, and assisting as many individuals as possible in achieving their goals. Each year, the school’s educational team operates with these goals in mind.

According to the school’s statement, at Lycée_ Saint Riquier the focus is on highlighting the potential of the young generation, providing solid educational values to project them into a bright future. 

Acer Chromebooks transforming an emergency into an opportunity 

The COVID pandemic forced the Lycée Saint Riquier, like most schools, to close its premises. However, teaching could not stop, so the school decided to find a solution, and Acer Chromebooks entered the game, transforming teaching and learning forever

This is the origin story of what Lycée Saint Riquier calls flexible classes: special classes where teachers adapt to students’ needs to allow them to follow their learning pace. In this context, Acer Chromebooks are essential in this individualized learning strategy because they host the students’ personalised plans that they can follow according to their schedule and pace.

Choosing Acer Chromebooks for school: all the reasons why

According to the school’s IT manager, Flavien Namont, there are many reasons to choose an Acer Chromebook for classroom activities. First, the devices are simple to use, quick to turn on, and update automatically, limiting time wastage.

Furthermore, their 12 hours of autonomy and ruggedized design make them adaptable to survive an entire school day in the often indelicate hands of students. Additionally, the control interface enables Mr Namont to handle all devices through a single button.

Acer – we enjoyed working with them a few years ago for PCs and for extended warranties that other brands don’t offer, so we thought: why not renew the experience with the Chromebook? – Flavien Namont, IT Manager

The Lycée Saint Riquier proceeded to set up 35 racks to store the devices. Teachers who need them for their classes can book them and move the racks directly into the classroom so that each student can work with their own Acer Chromebook, logging in with their personal account.

By using these Chromebooks, we transformed the way we teach, offering a richer teaching experience adapted to today’s students and their needs. – Karine Shuler, French Professor

Overall, as the school’s staff witness, a further advantage of introducing the devices is that students can get used to interacting with technology in their everyday lives.

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