Acer Chromebooks at New English School Kuwait: digital tools for schools

New English School Kuwait is a historical school with deep-rooted educational values such as fostering academic excellence, providing opportunities for students, and building a sustainable community. When the staff decided to integrate technology and digital tools for schools into its curriculum, the natural choice was Acer Chromebooks. Let’s explore the reasons why!

Get to know New English School Kuwait

Since 1969, when Mr. Tareq Rajab and his wife, Jihan Rajab, founded New English School Kuwait, this institution has consistently focused on fostering academic excellence through various opportunities for students.

The school has a significant historical background, initiated by its first chairman, Tareq Rajab, who came from a family of pioneers in education. In a time of great change in Kuwait, he foresaw the need to introduce English education within the country.

Today, the Rajab family still manages New English School Kuwait. The institution caters to 2,200 students from kindergarten to A level, offering a British-style curriculum. Of the 2,200 students, about 1,650 currently use Acer Chromebooks for homework and classroom tasks.

Acer Chromebooks: from school staff to students, benefits for all

Choosing Acer Chromebooks has brought numerous benefits to New English School Kuwait, extending beyond just the students. The school principal, Richard Marchant, highlights that the first improvement area was administration. Indeed, the new devices significantly enhanced collaboration, leading to better planning of future activities.

The school staff utilizes various digital tools such as apps and extensions to enrich classroom provisions and ensure continuous professional development. However, teachers are the ones who truly benefit from Acer Chromebooks and their features.

“The best thing about using an Acer Chromebook is that it helps me stay completely on top of all my work and organize. There are lots of organizational apps that I can use on there, like Google Calendar, keeping me on top of my work, especially while I’m juggling my A-levels and all the extracurriculars going on.” Judy Hegazy – Year 13

Moreover, educators can enhance their teaching methods and planning by providing students with high-quality apps and extensions. For example, they can share materials with students before class, enabling pre-learning and lightening their load. This way, students arrive prepared and ready to engage in the lesson.

However, the digital tools revolutionized classroom activities as well. The school staff witnessed how using apps like Google Slides allowed students to practice presentations. Instead, they introduced AI to assess students’ writing and character description skills.  

In essence, Acer Chromebooks brought New English School Kuwait better school and classroom management for the staff and improved independence in the learning process for students.   

Furthering the commitment to sustainability with Acer Chromebooks

New English School Kuwait is an institution dedicated to promoting international ecological awareness and sustainability. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that the sustainable features of Acer Chromebooks captured the school’s attention, playing a crucial role in the selection of these devices.

As mentioned by its Principal, the ideal device for New English School Kuwait must adhere to precise ecological standards, encompassing sustainable sourcing of materials, recyclable packaging, and peripherals.

In alignment with the school’s commitment to creating a sustainable community, Acer Chromebooks were identified as a reassuring reflection of this shared dedication.

As schools around the globe continue to share their success stories with Acer Chromebooks, it is fascinating to see how each one finds unique advantages that align with their individual needs and educational values. This flexibility can only be ensured by devices designed with a deep understanding of education, where the ultimate goal is to innovate the sector.

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