[Concept Diaries] ConceptD: the art of teaching creativity

As 2020 comes to an end, it’s time to discover the final story of our Concept Diaries series. We met the Palestinian Art Director and Educator Maha Haider, the Italian Creative Director and Teacher Davide Colla and the Indian-born Concept Designer and Professor Antony Kevin Montanari.
Now the final stop of our journey into creative education leads us to Raul Rodriguez.
Raul is a Video Art Creator, Illustrator & Photographer who later became a Video Art for Fashion & Digital Illustration Teacher to share his very own take on creativity with the creative professionals of tomorrow.
Growing up in Spain, soon Raul realised the importance of finding a way to express the ideas popping up in his mind while observing places, objects, and people around him. He chose to do so through imagery made of pictures, images, and videos, understanding that he didn’t need to find his inspiration from anywhere but the world we live in. That’s why he is continuously trying to make his students develop a critical and detail-oriented view of reality:
 “Life is art and art is life […] To me, teaching is equal to creating. It’s all about being curious and being inspired by the world around us and its details.”
ConceptD became the best companion for Raul because it allowed him to reproduce the same accuracy his eyes see in his creative digital projects. Thanks to its 4K UHD PANTONE® Validated display, faithful color reproduction, and the color accuracy of Delta E <2, ConceptD 7 Ezel gave Raul the tools he needed to capture his inspiration anywhere he is. What’s more, he takes full advantage of the device’s six different display modes, to easily work and present in front of his pupils, and quickly switch to his personal professional projects when he leaves the classroom.
Furthermore, with a busy agenda like Raul’s, fast real-time previews while editing, smooth exports, and easy rendering of heavy video files are simply essential. By combining ConcepD’s powerful hardware and the MAGIX Suite software bundle, multitasking while editing has never been easier, no matter how packed his routine is.
To Raul, teaching a creative subject is more than educating. While on the one hand, he wants his students to learn the fundamentals of becoming a creative professional, on the other, he constantly longs for his lessons to be a real moment of sharing:
“Creativity sets me free: it opens the door to the world inside my head. It’s like a therapy. I want my students to feel the same way, to be able to turn their own world into reality and express themselves with no limits.”
Windows 10 Pro allowed Raul to turn his lessons into real experiences, empowering his productivity and skills as a teacher, while also allowing him to work from remote safely thanks to the limitless protection provided by Windows Security.
Learn more about Raul and his story: watch the full interview.

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