[Concept Diaries] ConceptD: teaching creativity with no boundaries

Following the stories of the Palestinian Art Director and Educator Maha Haider and the Italian Creative Director and Teacher Davide Colla,
our journey into the world of creative teaching continues with the third guest of the Create Everyday Project. Antony Kevin Montanari was born in India but grew up in Europe to become a Concept Designer & Creative Director and a Digital Applications for Art Professor.
During his high school days, Antony learnt that creativity represented a getaway for him, a judgment-free safe place where to hide and express his true self with no fear. Embracing this whole idea, today Antony is trying to teach the same values to his pupils:
“I always tell my students that there is no place for prejudice or a closed mindset in creativity. You have to let yourself free and dig deep into the brightest or darkest corners of your mind without any limit.”
Choosing ConceptD felt like a natural choice for Antony: ConceptD 7 allowed the creative teacher to find the perfect mobile workstation to create and express and transmit his ideas to his students. Thanks to the groundbreaking combination of its 10th Gen Intel® Core™ i7 processor1 and its NVIDIA® Quadro RTX™ 5000 MaxQ1 graphics card, with up to 32GB of DDR4 memory, and up to 2TB PCIe NVMe SSDs in Raid 0, Antony gets faster real-time previews while editing, or smoothly export and render up to 6K video files and 3D designs.
To hold lectures in the most experiential and complete way, the MAGIX Suite completed his toolkit: a total package including all the video and audio editing softwares necessary to satisfy any creative need, at home, in class, or anywhere.
Approaching a young generation of students has never been a real issue for Antony. Quite the opposite, actually. The transition from his creative work to education represented a professional evolution that keeps stimulating him every day, even though his guard has to be continuously up:
“This generation is made of very smart and sharp kids. The best thing about teaching a creative subject is definitely the privilege of dealing with a younger generation of designers and creative spirits.”
To keep up with these young creators, Antony found in Windows 10 Pro the perfect partner to enhance its productivity and never miss a beat. Face ID recognition and Windows Security keep his device and projects safe. No matter how tight is Antony’s schedule: together, ConceptD & Windows 10 Pro guarantee a dynamic and efficient workflow. In other words, his students will never get bored.
Get inspired by the story of Antony. Watch the full interview:

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