Learn and teach remotely with Adobe Creative Cloud

In these extraordinary times that are facing both students and teachers with the new challenges of remote learning, major software providers are stepping up to give the education community the resources they need to take a piece of the classroom home with them and keep sharing and creating knowledge in spite of adversity. Adapting to new circumstances is never easy, but with a little help from technology, even a global crisis is not an insurmountable obstacle.
Adobe is no exception to this new and helpful trend: let’s look at some examples of how the Adobe Creative Cloud can continue being a steady presence in students’ and teachers’ lives and even improve their remote learning experience.

The show must go on

Adobe’s efforts to give continuity to the education community begin with granting temporary at-home access to Creative Cloud apps to those students and teachers who were already using Adobe products in their on-campus labs, which are now forcibly closed. K-12 and higher education institutions worldwide will be able to take advantage of this unique offer until June 6th, 2020: any creative project that the pandemic has put on hold is no longer in danger of remaining unfinished.
Adobe is also conscious that video conferencing is a vital part of remote learning, and as such, it is granting free access to Adobe Connect, Adobe’s video conferencing solution, until July 6th, 2020, to meet all of these young minds’ learning and brainstorming needs.
Even more traditional pen-and-paper homework can benefit from a little boost from Adobe Creative Cloud: with Adobe Scan, any handwritten paper can easily become a PDF document for your teacher to assess and give feedback on with no need to meet in person. Integrating Adobe Scan into your remote learning practices is the ideal blend of safety and practicality in these troubled times.
School administrators, too, can take full advantage of Adobe software to keep students and families updated: times of emergency require swift and frequent communication between all people involved in the education community, and Adobe can provide just that with Adobe Document Cloud View SDK, which allows administrators to embed PDFs easily into school websites for last-minute updates on campus closures, homeschooling tips and resources, and any other vital piece of information that needs to be conveyed widely, quickly and with an optimal viewing experience on the part of all intended recipients.

Finding community in isolation

Now that the emergency measures are keeping teachers and students apart, they need to find other ways to be a community, and Adobe is there to help with that.
From creating over 40 activities for all levels of education that are designed as creative extensions of Khan Academy lessons, to providing teachers with a wealth of webinars, articles and lesson plan ideas to educate themselves on how to turn the forced use of remote learning into an opportunity, Adobe has put together Adobe Education Exchange, a hub of resources for students and teachers to share that can change their distance learning experience for the better, whether their institution was already offering remote lessons before the global health emergency began or they are completely new to this mode of teaching and learning.
From tutorials geared towards all levels of experience with Adobe Creative Cloud apps, from absolute beginners in need of tips to get started (or more experienced people in need of a quick refresher!), to sample projects that might appeal to advanced users in search of ideas to pitch to their class, Adobe will be with you every step of the way.
Join live masterclasses with professionals in all creative fields who are offering a glimpse into their design process and discussing best practices and industry trends on Adobe Live, or just browse the many ways Adobe Creative Cloud apps can enhance your learning in these times of separation from classmates and colleagues, and you might find that the experiences you had in these trying days can stay with you even after the crisis is over and take your learning and teaching to the next level for good.
After all, every cloud has a silver lining—and perhaps the Adobe Creative Cloud can be the silver lining to the cloud of this worldwide emergency.

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