[Acer notes] Gear up for esports in Education with Acer

The author of this magazine article is Ivano Cimaglia, EMEA Business Manager Gaming Notebook e HMD.
Mixing video games and education is, for most teachers, still a novelty, and like all novelties, it is regarded with suspicion. But having a team of competitive gamers in your school can be just as beneficial as providing traditional sports programmes.
Being a part of an esports team is no different from being a part of any other team: as we already said, esports in education foster teamwork and social skills and give students a fun outlet that improves a number of abilities they can use outside of gaming, among them decision making, multitasking, and general brain development in the form of enhanced perception, cognitive skills and concentration. Provided that they play responsibly, involve your students in esports and watch their friendships grow and their academic performances soar—as long as they have the right equipment!
Embarking on a journey to integrating esports into your school curriculum can be a new and exciting adventure, and just like you would never think of packing up for an adventure without a well-stocked backpack and a map, the road to esports needs the right gear.
Not all esports experiences are the same: as an educator, you should ask yourself a few fundamental questions before committing to your esports project. Is the experience you intend to offer your students temporary or permanent? How serious are your prospective players about gaming?
Such questions can shape your esports experience, and here is why Acer is the answer.

Acer’s short-term solutions

If you are not planning to have a permanent esports team in your school, you might not want to invest in relatively large equipment that is there to stay: if you intend your contact with esports to be a short-term commitment such as a summer camp or other time-limited experience, then notebooks are the way to go.

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