Education is timeless.

Education Trends

Education is timeless.

[Infographic] Millennials vs Generation Z: how education is evolving

Millennials vs Generation Z, books vs notebooks: spot all the differences in the learning experience of these two generations! Read More
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[Acer notes] Gear up for esports in Education with Acer

Who says you can't play videogames at school? Esports are the new frontier in education and Acer is the best travelling companion in this disruptive journey. Read More
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5 ways EdTech can improve students’ attention span

Technology is more friend than foe to students' attention: here are 5 ways to improve the ability of your class to stay focused through EdTech. Read More
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Art Classroom: how technology is changing it

From STEM to STEAM: when technology meets art classroom, creativity explodes and give students the chance to boost their artistic talent. Read More
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Preparing students for future jobs with STEM Education

Preparing students for jobs which do not yet exist could be challenging: here's how STEM Education is the right path to build tomorrow's society! Read More
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How EdTech can improve math lessons

So much more than calculators: enjoy math lessons as never before thanks to the improvements achievable through EdTech. Read More
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Developing problem-solving skills with EdTech

Discover all the creative ways EdTech helps students to develop and enhance their problem-solving skills. Read More
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[Acer notes] Esports in Education: Acer is ripe for disruption

Esports in Education can really disrupt the learning experience as we know it. And we at Acer are ready to support the next generation of innovators in this challenge. Read More
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Why Robotics should be included in STEM education

Robotics is going to revolutionise several fields of today’s society, and education is one of these. Read More
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Teaching science using EdTech

According to experts, students learn more when having fun. With edtech solutions like Mixed and Augmented Reality, studying science has never been so great! Read More
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