Acer TravelMate B3 and Windows 11 SE – the Danesfield School experience

Children love using technology in their learning. That’s what makes one-to-one programs particularly effective in schools. The Danesfield School is a successful example of how EdTech can make a difference in education, especially in challenging times.

In their case, Acer TravelMate B3 and Windows 11 SE‘s rollout was a turning point in their students’ and teachers’ educational journey. 

Meet Danesfield’s teachers and students

Danesfield School is a two-form entry school located in Marlow, Buckinghamshire, just a few miles from London. It enrolls 436 students, and its teaching staff consists of 45 educators and assistants

Their adventure with EdTech began in 2018 when the Danesfield staff began training to build confidence with technology. The global pandemic brought a culture shift but offered an excellent opportunity to celebrate success and learn from failures. This experience strengthened Danesfield’s digital strategy by monitoring the impact tech had as a learning and teaching tool.

Today, Danesfield’s teachers have embraced their own technological development and constantly evaluate their curriculum to ensure that each lesson is engaging, relevant and exciting.

Acer TravelMate B3 & Windows 11 SE: a digital booster

The Acer TravelMate B3 has been a great learning companion for Danesfield’s students, especially during online learning. All children could use their own devices at home and do their lessons remotely during the lockdown. 

As schools are returning to in-person learning, the TravelMate B3 notebooks came back to physical classrooms alongside pupils. Teachers particularly enjoy how durable they are, on the inside and the outside. Their battery life can go through a full school day, and their designs are built-to-last. What’s more, they are small in size (only 11.6″) and really lightweight, therefore, easy to move from room to room.

Acer Windows 11 SE_Teacher & student_Danesfield

With less time needed for configuration and fast boot times, Danesfield teachers can focus on letting the creativity run wild with no downtime. That goes along with Windows 11 SE’s cloud-based environment, which enables quick sign in and access to online resources without downloading apps. 

Teaching-wise, educators enjoy using Acer devices paired with Windows 11 SE because they can give students instant feedback as they turn in assignments or monitor progress. That makes it easier for teachers to help students understand topics or provide real-time support.

What’s best, by running Office 365, Minecraft Education Edition, Flipgrid and Microsoft Forms on students’ notebooks, Danesfield’s educators have enhanced the learning process and unlocked an engaging way to help children build fundamental 21st century skills.

Acer’s role in Danesfiled’s digital transformation

“It’s so important to have a digital strategy to ensure everybody knows the vision of what you’re trying to achieve,” says Sarah Morgan, Danesfield School’s Headteacher.

Acer enables you to do that because it enables you to have a school-size budget and still keep developing. And that’s where the STEM Rewards program really supports that.” she continues. “It means we can ensure that the teachers have that level of confidence, have a growth mindset to keep trying, to keep challenging themselves.

Acer Windows 11 SE_Students_Danesfield

Thanks to Acer devices, Danesfield successfully became the first European school to roll out Windows 11 SE, the new Windows edition designed explicitly for education. Its effectiveness on cost-effective devices allowed the school to switch to a simpler, cloud-based, distraction-free environment.

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Success Story Key Info

School name: Danesfield School, Marlow, Buckinghamshire, UK

Acer devices: TravelMate B3

Reseller contact: EAC Network Solutions

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