[CSR] Acer Humanity: making technology more human

Technology is nothing without people. Without human inventiveness, none of the technology that makes our lives easier would exist, and without people to make the most of them, companies like Acer, that make a positive impact on the world through technological solutions, would have no reason to be.
That is why, now more than ever, people are at the core of Acer’s mission. We have the power to shape a better future by giving back to the global community in ways that go beyond providing the latest technologies, and with that power comes the responsibility to work actively towards creating better lives for humankind.
Acer Humanity is the ultimate expression of Acer’s aim to make technology more human: let’s have a closer look at what it is and why it is of vital importance.

A better world for everyone

The short-term goal of Acer Humanity is to renew Acer’s focus on two main areas that can give a significant contribution to the creation of a better world to live in: education and the environment. Education is the key to our future: it has always been Acer’s objective to spread knowledge, break barriers between technology and people, and inspire each other to make a difference, and a combination of technology and generosity is the unique recipe that makes Acer a leading force in bringing more accessible and innovative learning environments to young people in disadvantage countries while simultaneously being good for our planet. With the creation of digital learning centres in areas that would otherwise struggle to provide education to their children and charity projects combining ecology and education, such as raising funds for new educational equipment by gathering e-waste, technology, education and the environment have never gone hand in hand more than today.
In our age of pollution and climate catastrophes, the impact of a good education goes far beyond theoretical knowledge and can and should have a tangible influence on our lives. It is becoming clear that an educated world is a greener world. More and more, young people are proving that the environment is one of their greatest concerns, and a generation with fair, equal and efficient access to education can not only learn about the importance of preserving our planet, but also be prepared to come up with innovative solutions to the environmental problems their predecessors have created.

Game On, Green On! Are you up to the challenge?

Protecting the environment is a challenge we should all accept, and just like a game, it is a series of concrete steps towards a final goal: that is why Acer is challenging itself to take action through a series of EMEA-wide initiatives and seeking to educate its own employees, not just the younger generation, on what they can do both as a company and as individuals to bring about the change our planet needs if it is to remain liveable.
The environmental philosophy of Acer Humanity is a fresh new take on an age-old saying: “One effort a day takes the barriers of education away”. Repairing the damage to our planet is not something that can be done instantly, but rather a long-term project that no one on Earth is too small to contribute to. At higher levels, Acer has taken action by reducing packaging, favouring the use of renewable energy with the end goal of reducing emissions by 60% by 2020, and establishing recycling centres in three continents to cut down on waste, but we also believe in making a big difference in small ways: while multinational companies have the means and motive to make a strong impact on the environment, each and every one of us can be a part of the driving force behind a better, greener Earth simply by changing our daily habits: recycling and picking up plastic waste, using water more efficiently, fighting deforestation by planting trees, and using conference calls and environmentally friendly transportation instead of contributing to CO₂ emissions every time we travel long distances are only a few examples of what Acer Humanity is encouraging employees to do.
Media outlets are often quick to blame major companies for the state of our planet, but with Acer Humanity, Acer has become part of the solution, not part of the problem.
All games have a final prize, and the prize in the global game of preserving the environment is ensuring the continuation of all living species, including our own: the stakes are high, but we have the right tools at our disposal. The game is on—will you be a player too?

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