Changing the world one school at a time: best practices from 4 Acer Innovative Schools

Engaging with schools around the world is Acer’s strategy of choice to create a world where education is accessible, efficient and up to date. By providing solutions to teachers and administrators who wish to integrate technology into their daily educational practices, Acer is contributing to the creation of a generation of learners who have possibilities at their fingertips their parents could not even dream of—with Acer devices by their side, students are learning better, faster and in completely new ways.
Let’s look at some real-world examples of the tangible impact Acer has had on the schools with which it has partnered.

Escolaglobal, Portugal

This Portuguese private school aims at providing a complete education from preschool to high school using the latest pedagogical practices and, with Acer’s help, devices to match. The school’s intention to assign devices to students and rely on technology in class was initially met with diffidence on the parents’ part, but a gradual introduction of personal devices and wi-fi coverage on the school premises combined with the use of an age-appropriate parental program ultimately led to an engaging classroom environment where learning STEAM subjects is a fun game and technology acts as a connecting bridge between all areas of knowledge.

Abu Dhabi Grammar School, Dubai

Governed by both Canada and the United Arab Emirates, this school is a slice of Canada in downtown Abu Dhabi, providing dual diplomas at the end of the students’ school career and ensuring they are ready to take on the world—with their trusty Acer devices to help them. With the introduction of coding lessons, G Suite apps for managing schoolwork, and hundreds of devices for a gradual elimination of the need for students to bring their own, Abu Dhabi Grammar School is a shining example of the true impact of technology on educational philosophy: using technology in class is not just about replacing pen and paper with screens, it is about learning to do things the previous generation would have thought impossible.

Liceo Melchiorre Gioia, Italy

In this Italian high school, the road to a better education for students starts from educating teachers. Training more and more teachers to use technology to make lessons more engaging and manage the administrative aspects of the job ensures that the school is up to date with the exacting requirements of the current job market, where soft and digital skills are a precious commodity. That is why students and teachers took part in the two-day workshop Scuola e Virtuale on the potentially endless applications of virtual reality to education: many teachers may still be unfamiliar with the latest cutting-edge technology, but it is never too late to learn. After all, the best teachers are those who learn alongside their students.

Selborne Primary School, South Africa

Start them young. This South African school has partnered with Acer in order to train both teachers and students in a responsible use of technology not just for technology’s sake, but to help young boys grow into the men of tomorrow: good digital citizens who will have a healthy relationship with their devices and the Internet and will be able to use technology to express their ideas and passions to the fullest. From equipping them with basic ICT skills to honing their coding, design and research abilities, Selborne Primary School, with a little help from Acer, is helping raise a generation of innovators.

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