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Learning skills

20, July 2017 Learning skills
Learning with Fun: how to enjoy Holiday homeworks
Summer holidays mean relax but, thanks to education technology, it is now easier than ever to stimulate students during holidays. Here some ideas on how motivating them to keep on training their mind.
05, July 2017 Learning skills
How Technology Can Empower Students’ Peculiarities
Through technology, teachers can overturn their teaching method, transforming lessons in a more engaging way. Furthermore, these technologies let them offer students customized lessons, through personalized materials and single moments of sharing.
02, April 2017 Learning skills
How digital tools increase learning skills for autistic students
Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder are visual learners, so technology can play a fundamental role in their learning process. Here are some digital tools that teachers and educators can use to reach them in a better way.
09, March 2017 Learning skills
How robots can help chronically ill students to attend school
Among today’s challenges for the educational system there is the integration of those students who still cannot attend school because of their serious chronic illnesses. Robot technology is the powerful option to finally make it possible.
20, January 2017 Learning skills
How to Use Technology to Treat Dyslexia
Technology has positive outcomes in many fields, such as in formative initiatives regarding cognitive disorders like Learning Disabilities, Dyslexia in particular.

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