Acer Chromebooks at New English School Kuwait: digital tools for schools

Acer Chromebooks at New English School Kuwait: digital tools for schools

Discover why New English School Kuwait chose Acer Chromebooks to upgrade its digital tools for school management and skill development. Read More
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empowering educators Pohjoiskehä_School&AcerChromebooks

Pohjoiskehä School & Acer Chromebooks: empowering educators and students

Learn about the experience of Pohjoiskehä School with Acer Chromebooks, fostering collaborative learning through Acer performance and Google Workspace’s user-friendly interface. Read More
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Chromebook at school acer teacher black woman intel google for education

Why a teacher should use a Chromebook at school

Find out why you should use Acer Chromebooks in your school! Their flexibility, durability, and customization options upgrade the teaching experience. Read More
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Chromebook_Marc Bonnin_Acer for Education

How to manage Chromebooks at School: training students to acquire digital skills adapted to tomorrow’s professional world

How to manage Chromebooks at School: training students to acquire digital skills adapted to tomorrow's professional world. Read More
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Acer Chromebook Spin 514_Bakalka_CZ

Acer Chromebook Spin 514 – the ultimate digital learning companion for the Bakalka School

Brno's Bakalka primary school is a prime example of how Acer Chromebooks with Chrome Education Upgrade can positively impact learning at all levels - from 1st to 9th graders. Read More
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digitization germany universities female student acer chromebook 514

Digitization of universities and colleges – Acer Chromebook makes e-exams possible in Germany

Thanks to digitization, German universities are testing e-exams with more than 50 participants using Acer Chromebooks & Zero-Touch Enrollment Read More
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Empowering Learning at Spijker Basisschool with Acer Chromebook 311 Chrome Education Upgrade Student Chromebook Teacher classroom

Acer Chromebook & Chrome Education Upgrade – Empowering learning at Spijker Basisschool

More enthusiasm, engagement and collaboration. Paired with the admin-favourite Chrome Education Upgrade, Acer Chromebook 311 heightened students' at Spijker Basisschool! Read More
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Acer Chromebooks Bahrain Modern Knowledge Schools students

Acer Chromebooks – from remote to hybrid learning in Bahrain

Don’t miss our latest inspiring testimonial from Bahrain to discover how Acer Chromebooks and Google Workspace shifted Modern Knowledge Schools to remote then to hybrid learning. Read More
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Digital transformation Acer Chromebook Ashlyns School

Acer Chromebook fully supports Ashlyns Secondary School’s digital transformation

The seamless integration of Acer Chromebooks and Google for Education paved the way for yet another successful digital transformation journey - this time at Ashlyns Secondary School. Read More
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Acer Chromebook Santa Dorotea Classroom Students 1:1 Minecraft

Acer Chromebook – learning and growing together at Escuela Santa Dorotea

From best-in-class versatility and durability to fast deployment and gamification activities. Learn why Acer Chromebook became Escuela Santa Dorotea's favourite companion for learning and teaching. Read More
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