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24, February 2021 Success Stories
Evolving classroom learning and teaching with Acer Chromebooks & G Suite for Education: a success story from South Africa
Students and educators from Laerskool Eikestad, a school located in South Africa, take their learning and teaching experience to the next level thanks to Acer Chromebooks & G Suite for Education.
23, February 2021 Education Trends
Gamification in education: rewards and improvement-based learning
Between rewards and improvement-based learning: discover the benefits of implementing gamification in education.
11, February 2021 Education Trends
Nano learning and remote education: an effective resource for teachers
Exploring the possibilities offered by nano learning as an effective resource for teachers in the era of remote education.
10, February 2021 ConceptD
ConceptD portfolio: taking creativity to the next level
ConceptD renews its commitment to taking creativity to the next level with its creative portfolio in 2021.
05, February 2021 Product Trends
Acer TravelMate series: a new interactive learning experience
Acer debuts a new TravelMate series of devices for an enhanced interactive learning experience.
02, February 2021 Product Trends
Acer Chromebook: a new line-up of devices revealed
The recently revealed new Acer Chromebook series of devices were designed to empower learning and teaching with the latest technology.
26, January 2021 Product Trends
Acer for Education in 2021: evolving technology for a timeless education
You inspired us to take a further step ahead, renewing our commitment to support educators, students and creators in their everyday path. Discover our Acer for Education 2021.

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