Breaking creative barriers with ConceptD

The demand for powerful creative workstations, whether stationary or – more often than not – mobile, is on the rise: whether you are a 2D or a 3D designer, Acer has your back with the vast creative capabilities of the ConceptD brand.

Why ConceptD

The D in ConceptD can stand for whatever you wish: have you ever noticed how many words starting with D there are in the world of creative professions? Dynamism, design, discovery, detail, development, or indeed, the dimensions of your work, be they two or three: ConceptD offers all of this and more, making it the perfect companion for any creative job—and creative jobs are not limited to art!
Creative thinking can be found in unexpected places: an artist’s studio may be the obvious place to look for it, but you can find creative minds among engineers and data analysts as well. Thinking outside the box is what truly separates humans from machines, which makes it even more important now that automation is becoming a very real concern in the job market. The more creative your job, the less likely you are to be replaced by a machine someday—which does not mean you should not rely on the right machines to make it easier!
Whatever your chosen field, from photography and video editing, to 3D animation and architecture, to engineering and big data analysis, ConceptD is a new approach to computing that will give you all the power and mobility you need to be always on the move without sacrificing essential needs such as storage, flexibility and cross-compatibility with a number of different creative software.

ConceptD Portfolio

ConceptD offers a full range of products to upgrade your creative workstation or even build it from scratch: whether you prefer a mobile solution to work on the go, a stationary one to give your office a boost, or you just wish to move on to a better display that will make your creative endeavours pop, ConceptD has what you need.
ConceptD CM2, CM3, CP3, and CP7 monitors are all built to the highest available standards: they are all Pantone validated and offer high colour accuracy and a wide range of shades for you to pick your colours with the utmost precision.
If your workstation is not going anywhere anytime soon, you might want to look into ConceptD’s stationary products: ConceptD CM100, CT500, and CT700 are each designed with a combination of power and elegance in mind and, as a bonus, are fully equipped to stay quiet and cool no matter what your latest creative project puts them through. Choose the option that suits you best depending on your specific craft’s needs and how serious you are about working in a creative field professionally: each ConceptD product is a step further on the road to the top performances on the market and it is up to you to decide where to stop on that road.
If the whole world is your office, the best choice for your creative endeavours is one of ConceptD’s mobility solutions: ConceptD 5, ConceptD 7, ConceptD 7 Ezel and ConceptD 9 pack all of the brand’s power, sleek design, and attention to colour into the portability of a laptop, and the latter two even feature specially built hinges that will let you tilt the screen at your preferred angle for the best use of a Wacom EMR pen—just like a painter’s easel.
And even if you only wish to accessorize, let ConceptD surprise you with its full set of mouse, leather mousepad, Bluetooth mechanical keyboard, and rolltop backpack, so you can be stylish and comfortable at home or on the road.

ISVs Partnership

With the ConceptD brand, Acer is making sure to address every creator’s number one concern: will my trusty software work on my new computer? Every creative field has one or more go-to software that designers and artists need on a daily basis, and Acer recognises the value of ISVs (Independent Software Vendors) and has set up a rigorous testing process to ensure that most commonly used software in all creative professions will work smoothly on ConceptD products. Furthermore Acer partners with vertical ISVs such as Adobe, Autodesk, Dassault Systemes and Magix to offer market-leading solutions to the education community.

ConceptD in Education

ISVs are a valuable part of the Acer for Education of ecosystem focus on ConceptD which on top includes channel partners, alliances, Universities & design schools, institutions in order to ensure the education community receives the finest value-added solutions to support the creators of tomorrow.
Acer for Education commitment is proved by several projects started recently with a number of University in Europe. IED (Istituto Europeo di Design) is one of them. Students from the three-year IED courses of the School of Visual Arts, Design together with Alumni of the Master course in Design Innovation, Strategy and Product have been involved in the Design Innovation Lab, with the aim of conceiving and developing new usage scenarios and an innovative design language for the future Acer Creator notebooks.
Check back on our social media on May 15 to see what these young minds have been capable of in these fruitful months of working alongside ConceptD!

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