[Concept Diaries] ConceptD: inspiring your students to be inspired

Our deep dive into the world of creative education continues with the second teacher of the Create Everyday Project. After discovering the story of the Palestinian Art Director and Educator Maha Haider let’s meet Davide Colla, Founder and Creative Director of the 150UP agency and Graphic Design and Interaction Design University Teacher.
Even though this 33-year old Italian designer never really took into consideration a career in teaching, after his homecoming to Italy following a two-year experience in Germany, he realised he needed to share his creative view of the world with others. Drawing inspiration from the way his parents raised him, Davide is determined to promote an educational perspective based on the concept of family, a life-long process:
“My favourite things about teaching are the freedom to go with the flow with what the students want to learn, learning from the students and finally inspire and be inspired by others’ ideas.”
Shaping an idea and turning it into an actual project is key to Davide: ConceptD 3 Ezel and Adobe Creative Cloud allowed him to create the perfect bridge between his creativity and his students.
Thanks to its innovative Ezel™ Hinge, ConceptD 3 Ezel offers six different convertible modes, making it easier for Davide to work on a project, take notes, create and hold a class in any situation and context, be it at university or even while travelling. Freedom in creation and teaching is supported by the complete access to Adobe Creative Cloud: all the apps and services he can possibly need at the right place, at the right time, an indispensable resource for a creative educator.
Don’t think that Davide’s switch from his professional career and job as teacher carried with it a switch in perspective as well. To him creativity and education as deeply intertwined and through technology he was able to find the medium he needed to transmit his way of thinking to his students:
“I always have to stay creative in order to give my students some of my creativity and push them to their limits. In teaching the big idea is being able to teach to your students to express themselves and technology –  especially in this moment – is what makes it possible.”
That’s why he found in ConceptD and Windows 10 Pro the ultimate combination of high performances and flexibility he needed to pass on his creativity to his students in the smoothest and fastest possible way, while also keeping his projects safe around the clock thanks to the maximum protection provided by Windows Security.
Would you like to discover more about Davide and ConceptD 3 Ezel? Watch the full interview:

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