[Concept Diaries] ConceptD: the ideal device for creating, travelling and translating your imagination into reality.

Carlotta Romeo is a very young Product Designer who enjoys the process of analysis and projecting, but, most of all, loves creating things with her own hands. Carlotta chose to study Product Design because to her this path represents a chance to make her ideas come to life, as well as a way to come up with solutions capable of solving other people’s problems.
She discovered her passion for creativity when she started assembling her own toys as a child:
“Creativity has always been part of my life. As a child, you could see I was a very creative and cheerful girl. I had fun playing with the strangest games and especially with those made by me. When you see your project taking shape over time it’s amazing.”
Her creative spirit grew alongside with her and it’s part of her projects from the early stages to the final steps, always making sure the quality of her product is excellent:
“I feel an infinite satisfaction and above all a deep excitement of creating all the projects. Once you start realizing something on your own and you see it’s appreciated by others you can’t wait to design other things.”
To Carlotta, ConceptD 3 Ezel and the Adobe Suite represent the best combinations to create on the move. Anywhere she is, anytime she’s creating, she can always count on Windows 10 Pro to keep high productivity standards without losing pace.
ConceptD is the perfect partner for those who have to work on the move, or simply enjoy creating away from their desks. Between sketches and fabrics, Nastaran our Fashion Designeragreed on that, and Carlotta – the second guest of our Create Every Day project – is totally on the same page. Discover more about Carlotta’s creative process.

And discover how we are trying to nurture the next generation of creators. With ConceptD.

Would you like to know more about the ConceptD brand? Feel free to write to us at acerforeducation.emea@acer.com. Let’s get in touch!

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