[Concept Diaries] ConceptD: when teaching becomes a creative process

With the first part of our Concept Diaries series we have introduced four creative students and showed you how their creative process was empowered by ConceptD devices. Now it’s time to uncover the other side of the coin: how does creativity apply to the teaching world?
The first guest of our second round of Concept Diaries is Maha Haider, she is just 26 but she is already a consolidated Art Director, Designer and Teacher determined to keep growing and helping others to find their own professional and creative path. Maha spent her life between Syria, Lebanon, Netherlands and Italy, cultivating her creativity while growing up.
She got two degrees, one in Art History and Fine Arts with a minor in Anthropology, and the second in Communication and Graphic Design, and while launching her career as Art Director, both with a creative agency and as a freelancer in the fashion industry, she also became an educator and tutor: she addresses students between the age of 17 and 19 towards their future creative careers.
As a professional and creative teacher, Maha draws inspiration from all of her past and present experience to boost her projects to the maximum of their potential, and, above all, to help her students to get a deeper understanding of what a creative process actually implies. To her, teaching is a two-sided creative process that involves both giving and learning something:
“I love teaching creative subjects for three reasons: you never stop learning, you keep on exercising your creativity and you always get the chance to share something with your students.”
Maha acknowledges the importance of her role in shaping students’ know-how and fostering their imagination, this is why she chose ConceptD and the Adobe Suite as her teaching partners:
“As a creative person I need to find a way to translate  what I have in mind into reality, and I can easily do that by using ConceptD with Adobe in both my work life and teaching life. Because sometimes words are not enough: you need to transmit your idea through a little station,  an image, anything… and with ConceptD & Adobe I can easily bring my ideas to life.”
ConceptD 3 allows Maha to observe any detail around her and make it count in the best possible way, thanks to the RGB 100% color gamut, the color accuracy of its Delta E <2, and its PANTONE® Validated display. The creative precision that ConceptD 3 gives to Maha is fundamental for both her job and her students.
Additionally, with Adobe Creative Cloud she can balance her teaching with flexibility, always supported by a reliable device that allows her to express her ideas through specific imageries, providing a strong visual support that takes learning to a whole new level.
At the moment, Maha holds most of her classes online: this implies sharing several files, documents, presentations and so on, but her work has never been safer, because she can rely on the total protection provided by Windows 10 Pro’s Windows Security, the ultimate and always-updated warranty against online threats.
Learn more about Maha, Conceptd3 and her creative teaching approach:

ConceptD helps you fostering the next generation of creators!

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