[Acer notes] ConceptD, a creator’s best friend

The author of this magazine article is Marcel Behm, Acer EMEA Sr. Business Manager Concept.
If creativity is a vital part of your profession, then you need the right equipment to turn your ideas into reality, and Acer has just what you are looking for with the ConceptD brand.
ConceptD is the result of listening to creative professionals’ voices and needs to design a new range of products just for them—with ConceptD, it is the machine that adapts to the user, not the other way around.
Surveys have found that creative users were already enjoying Acer’s Predator PCs—but it was not enough. Predator PCs were meant for gaming, but it was found that 15% of Predator users were not gaming at all. What were they doing, then, if not using their Predator PC for the task it was designed for? The answer, it seems, is that they were getting creative: 50% of them were found to be using both games and creative software, which is hardly surprising, as both tasks require a good amount of computing power, especially when it comes to demanding work such as 3D modelling.
But sheer power is not all that creators were asking for, and that is where ConceptD comes in. It was evident there was an untapped need for a specific brand for PC users who were mainly interested in doing creative work, and ConceptD was designed to meet that need: a range of workstation level products and mobile devices both, to satisfy creators whether they preferred to work in an office or on the go, which would address specific problems brought up in user interviews.

ConceptD: designed to be beautiful, inside and out

Other categories may put performance first and looks second, but it was only natural for the creative community to have an eye for the exterior design of their devices. Who else but artists and designers should be concerned about having a machine that can handle their work while remaining aesthetically pleasing and fit for any environment, not too “gamey” at first glance, and with a consistent look that makes monitor, laptop, desktop and accessories look like they belong together?
With a clean, elegant, timeless design that will go well with any room while remaining practical and ergonomic, ConceptD is a brand with a distinctive heart and soul that will seamlessly become a part of your home or office space: its power is packed into a distinctive MAO (Micro-Arc Oxidation) ceramic finish, giving the brand a unique ultra-hard crystalline ceramic layer for superior strength and resistance, without forgoing a classy touch.
But just as clothes do not make the man, exterior design does not make a computer. Before ConceptD, creators were heard complaining that their machines lacked performance stability, that good performance tended to come with drawbacks such as noise and overheating, or that the work that looked perfect on screen turned out to be disappointing in real life due to poor colour accuracy.
In designing ConceptD, these voices were heard. From PANTONE® Validated screens to get every shade picture-perfect, to a vortex flow thermal solution that keeps the devices quiet and cool, ConceptD does its level best to meet the highly specific needs of creative users: even the noise reduction keyboard is designed to lessen the sound of your own typing and offer you handy shortcuts to your trusty creative apps.
A shining example of the effort to fulfil the creative community’s wishes is the stunning precision of the ConceptD CP7 monitor. With 99% Adobe® RGB gamut, Delta E <1 colour accuracy, and 93% DCI-P3, it is sure to meet even the highest standards, guaranteeing that there is no limit to your imagination and that the difference between the concept seen on your screen and the real-life product will be next to invisible.

Product spotlight: ConceptD 7 Ezel

No product exemplifies the ConceptD brand better than ConceptD 7 Ezel.
Its 10th Generation Intel® Core™ i7 processor and up to NVIDIA® GeForce® RTX 2080 SUPER™ with Max-Q Design graphics put the power to create at your fingertips, and anything you imagine will be shown in living colour on a 15.6″ PANTONE® Validated 4K UHD display, but perhaps the feature that makes it most distinctive is that its name was not given on a whim.
Built with specially designed hinges, this laptop is a digital easel that will let graphics artists of all descriptions sketch, finalize and present on one single device, switching among five usage modes: share, float, standard, pad, or display. Explore them all as you work with your Wacom EMR pen to make your designs a reality: with this all-in-one mobile solution for your artistic needs, the world is your canvas.
If you would like to know more about the ConceptD brand, please feel free to write us at acerforeducation.emea@acer.com. Let’s get in touch!

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