Let creators be creators: designing with Acer ConceptD

Step into the colourful world of graphic design and creation with Acer ConceptD.
ConceptD is Acer’s new brand of desktops, notebooks and monitors designed to make your ideas come true.
Whether you are a graphic designer, a video editor, a 3D animator, a product creator or even an engineer, the ConceptD line has a solution for your every creative need.
Focusing on providing a smooth work experience that lets your creativity flow unhindered, true-to-life colours for optimal results, and a design that makes your workspace a pleasant place to be, ConceptD is the ideal companion for all your creative endeavours from photography to professional CG.
Whether you dabble in 2D design and are ready to take the next step and take your work to the professional level, or you are in a field that deals daily with complex three-dimensional models, look no further than ConceptD to find the perfect tool to express yourself.
ConceptD is a creator’s dream: designed to withstand the highly demanding tasks of jobs related to graphic design and – more widely – creation, the ConceptD family provides the power to multitask and the speed to work smoothly without long render times, all while keeping as quiet as if you were working in a library. Combining power, speed and silence, ConceptD works like a creator’s mind: you can juggle multiple ideas at once and never let the flow of inspiration be disrupted by mundane concerns such as slowness or noise.

Tools for the designers of tomorrow

ConceptD is not just for professionals: it is the perfect solution for young creative minds that will one day make it big in graphic design with their fresh, ground-breaking ideas. Innovation is a cornerstone of art and design, but ideas alone are not enough: the next generation of creators needs the proper tools to make their dreams a reality.
Graphic design students deserve the best if we intend their school of choice to be both a creative outlet for their inexhaustible fountain of ideas and a place where they can acquire real, marketable skills: with ConceptD, they can get a taste of the world of professional art and design they are working so hard to enter.
Young creators are diamonds in the rough who just need the right tools to make them shine—and by striking an alliance between the power of ConceptD and the passion and drive that fuel the best design schools in the world, Acer is giving them a ticket to greatness.

But what kind of products does ConceptD include?

ConceptD includes all the tools creatives need in the field of computing and technology: this means that all the laptops, desktops and monitors are designed to satisfy very specific needs for each creative professional (or professionals of tomorrow).
Complex creative projects – like the ones in the field of architecture, engineering or media – need a reliable and strong computing technology: these features are among the main ones of ConceptD 500 desktop. Instead, professional designers require tailor-made monitors, which are able to provide a high level color accuracy. ConceptD CP7 responds to those requests: PANTONE® validated this display too.
Some kind of professionals need more flexibility and prefer solutions like laptops. ConceptD line includes two possibilities for those creators: ConceptD 9 Pro and ConceptD 7. Each one of them is designed to satisfy very specific professional needs: the first one is suggested for people who deal with 3D creative works, while the second one is light and slim, for professionals who need a mobile design station.


Do you work or study at a design school? Would you know more about ConceptD and its deployment in the classroom? Please feel free to write us at acerforeducation.emea@acer.com. Let’s get in touch!

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