OrbiNote by Texthelp: rethink the way you interact with school documents

OrbiNote Texthelp Acer student laptop

OrbiNote is the latest addition to the already-rich Texthelp software portfolio. Only two months after its launch, it is already gaining huge interest and fantastic feedback from educators across the globe. 

Texthelp & Acer: unlocking every student’s full potential

At Acer for Education, we team up with the best EdTech partners, such as Texthelp, to offer the most comprehensive learning and teaching experience through our devices. 

Texthelp’s mission is to help everyone understand and be understood. To do this, they create learning solutions that enable every student to succeed and excel in reading, writing, maths and science. These solutions include the award-winning literacy support software, Read&Write; the revolutionary digital maths editor, EquatIO; and the automated assessment tool for writing, WriQ. Over 40 million students and educators use their software daily throughout schools, colleges, and universities worldwide.

Today, we consolidate our partnership with Texthelp following the release of their newest tool: OrbitNote.

Introducing OrbitNote

With over 90,000 new users in just the last month alone, Orbitnote is Texthelp’s exciting new solution that transforms the way teachers and students experience documents – from PDF worksheets, to scanned textbook chapters, to stacks of classroom papers. OrbitNote makes it easy for teachers to annotate on PDFs and quickly share them with students using Google Classroom and popular Learning Management Systems. 

Students can then use OrbitNote’s annotation tools to write, record audio, highlight and draw to complete their work and demonstrate their understanding. To complete the workflow, teachers can then review student work, score it and provide text and voice feedback.

Take your documents to the next level with OrbiNote

OrbitNote not only makes assignments and worksheets digital, but it also makes them accessible. Photos and scans of paper documents can be made accessible and readable with one click, which is so vital for all learners especially those who rely on assistive technologies to help them be successful and independent. Here’s a preview of what’s waiting for you.

Create interactive PDF worksheets

OrbitNote promotes communication and group work with real-time collaboration on PDFs. When students are learning from home, they can still engage with and get feedback from both teachers and their peers.

Create digital math in PDFs

You can use Texthelp’s EquatIO in PDFs to create engaging and accessible digital math worksheets. That students can complete and return for feedback from anywhere, without the need to print off paper resources.

Every word made accessible

OrbitNote quickly transforms classroom papers, images, and Bookshare eBooks into accessible files, making every single word in your classroom truly accessible for every student.

Google Classroom smart integration

OrbitNote’s integration with Google Classroom has been carefully crafted to ensure that students can focus on completing work and demonstrate their understanding. In fact, they won’t even know that they are working with a third party tool!

Collaboration – Education and Workplace

One of the primary benefits of OrbitNote is that anyone can view your document regardless of which operating system or device they’re using—and in today’s socially connected environment, that’s key. With OrbitNote you can go one further and annotate, highlight and manipulate that PDF, collaboratively.

Make the best of OrbiNote with Acer devices

If you’re looking for the best classroom devices to get the most of Texthelp’s OrbiNote, look no further. Take a deep dive into our portfolio of laptops for K-12 schools with Acer EduTorial. On the other hand,  if you teach higher education students, check out our devices and solutions for universities and colleges here.

Would you like to learn more about the combination of Acer devices and Texthelp’s OrbiNote? Don’t hesitate to contact us: acerforeducation.emea@acer.com  


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