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[Texthelp Talks] How leaders should measure the success of technology

Technology represents a big change for school life but how do we measure success? It's crucial to working with partners to pilot tools and build an understanding of how best to measure effectiveness in the longer term.

What will the classroom of the future look like?

Technology can reshape the design of the classroom and the core philosophies of teaching and learning in significant ways.

[Texthelp Talks] Creating fluency success in the classroom

The latest TexthelpTalks by Patrick McGrath is online and it is all about an essential life skill that can carry our students through their education and throughout life: confidence.

How EdTech can impact on students’ wellbeing

Here is an article on how EdTech can be an excellent support tool for those who care about well-being in the classroom.

EdTech Trends 2020: the future is now

Discover which EdTech trends are going to disrupt the learning process in 2020. From AI to Mixed Reality, learning has never be so innovative!

Developing Critical Thinking through education technology

Critical thinking will prove useful to students not just at school, but in life in general. Let's see how EdTech can leave a mark on its development!

Use of digital techniques to understand and foster the pupils’ development of the brain

In this magazine article, the professor Teresa Farroni shares with us a research on digital technologies to innovate the learning process.

What Bite-Sized Learning is and how it can improve attention span

Learn anywhere, anytime: at school or in everyday life, bite-sized learning lets every learner breaking down information into small nuggets.

6 reasons why video can be the future of personalized learning

One of the hottest trends of the digital era is learning through videos. Here are 6 reasons why it so effective as a learning tool!

[Texthelp Talks] The importance of understanding digital responsibility

In an always-connected worls, it's fundamental to train students as aware digital citizens, helping them developing a digital responsibility.