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6 reasons why video can be the future of personalized learning

One of the hottest trends of the digital era is learning through videos. Here are 6 reasons why it so effective as a learning tool!

[Texthelp Talks] The importance of understanding digital responsibility

In an always-connected worls, it's fundamental to train students as aware digital citizens, helping them developing a digital responsibility.

How technology can impact on Vocational Schools

Discover how vocational schools can benefit from education technology, making the "learning by doing" process more impactful.

[Texthelp Talks] Enabling choice and voice tools to empower students

How to focus less on teaching, transforming the education system into a "learner centric" one? Discover the benefits of enabling choice and voice to empower students.

Digital Libraries: an Intellectual Revolution

A bridge before tha past and the future to preserve and share human knowledge: we believe that Digital Libraries are a true intellectual revolution.

[Texthelp Talks] The role of leadership in tech decisions

"Technology should only be about three things. Teaching. Learning. Outcomes. If it’s not grounded in these, it shouldn’t be considered". These are the words of Patrick McGrath, EdTech Strategist at Texthelp.

Improving Digital Citizenship at school

Teachers play a very important role in helping pupils to acquire a digital citizenship. They have to help students to become aware users of technology and Internet.

The benefits of starting to use technology in kindergarten

In this article we highlight some of the benefits of including technology in a kindergarten classroom. Child-friendly technology is both possible and beneficial, but it must be done wisely.

How Intel Technologies are powering an emerging education phenomenon

Studies have shown that students who are involved in extracurricular activities are more successful. What if one of these extracurricular activities was an eSports program? Learn how to make it happen with Intel Technologies.

Digital Libraries: making reading more accessible

With Digital Libraries, reading can really be made accessible to anyone. This allows to improve the learning experience for those students with learning difficulties.