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Learning skills

29, January 2020 Learning skills
4 guidelines for a safe use of Internet in the classroom
How much do you know about cybersecurity in the classroom? Here are 4 guidelines you should not miss.
03, December 2019 Learning skills
What Bite-Sized Learning is and how it can improve attention span
Learn anywhere, anytime: at school or in everyday life, bite-sized learning lets every learner breaking down information into small nuggets.
28, November 2019 Learning skills
6 reasons why video can be the future of personalized learning
One of the hottest trends of the digital era is learning through videos. Here are 6 reasons why it so effective as a learning tool!
18, November 2019 Learning skills
How technology can impact on Vocational Schools
Discover how vocational schools can benefit from education technology, making the "learning by doing" process more impactful.
22, October 2019 Learning skills
Improving Digital Citizenship at school
Teachers play a very important role in helping pupils to acquire a digital citizenship. They have to help students to become aware users of technology and Internet.
23, September 2019 Learning skills
Web extensions and filters to keep students safe online
How to make your students’ use of the Internet safer? Web extensions and filters are key for secure browsing both at school and at home.

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