Back to School 2022 – EdTech trends for the new academic year

Back to school 2022 Acer TravelMate Classroom students teacher

Back to school 2022: what do we expect for the new academic year? And what will the trends shaping education be? What we know for sure is that EdTech will still be addressing the needs of students and teachers worldwide.

So how will technology drive change after the back to school and throughout the upcoming academic year? Read on to find out our predictions!

Back to school: blended and hybrid learning in the new normal

The shift to the remote model challenged most schools worldwide but highlighted the importance of asynchronous learning. In such a context, technology has helped students learn at their own pace and overcome insecurities. With greater autonomy come greater outcomes – and online education trends confirm that.

When coming back to school, on the teachers’ side, suites like Google Workspace will still offer a wide array of tools, alongside the chance to provide real-time feedback and deliver personalised learning. As seen in several recent case studies, the use of technology both at home and in the classroom keeps students more engaged and enthusiastic about their curricula.

For these reasons, blended and hybrid learning will remain a staple in 2022-2023, even with a large-scale in-person return. Today, schools are up-to-speed with these models, and teachers can easily handle classrooms with mixed attendance, fully leveraging the benefits of tech at so many levels.

As a side note, families who experience financial or logistical difficulties can benefit from having their children learn from home, even if it’s only for a few school days.

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More EdTech trends for the 2022-2023 school year

In the new academic year, EdTech’s growth is set to continue

So far, students equipped with reliable devices thrived even in remote learning scenarios, but some weren’t so lucky. Many kids are still struggling with learning loss, and the pandemic forced them to miss key life experiences, such as their first day in a new school or bonding with peers.

Therefore, social and emotional learning will be crucial at this stage. Beyond emotional support provided by one-to-one meetings on Google Meet or Microsoft Teams, for example, game-based elements and digital group projects will be a valuable asset to building a stronger bond between students at home or in the classroom.

With the seamless integration of EdTech in schools, inclusivity tools will still support students with learning deficiencies, disabilities, and speakers of minority languages. For K-8 students, for example, the combination of Acer TravelMate B3 notebooks and Windows 11 SE greatly supports these needs.

Finally, a few more EdTech industry trends will drive investment in the coming years. We expect to see more and more AI-enabled learning, with Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality widespread in schools worldwide. However, these highly immersive and beneficial tools are currently not so-affordable for all schools.

What about you? What do you expect from back-to-school 2022? Join the conversation inside our Community and share your thoughts!

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