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01, June 2020 ConceptD
[Acer notes] ConceptD, a creator’s best friend
Explore ConceptD, a brand that listens to creative professionals’ voices and is designed to meet their unique needs. In your office or on the go, let creativity flow with a ConceptD computer by your side.
27, May 2020 Blended Learning
Remote teamwork: how to foster collaboration among students
Completing group projects remotely can be a challenge for everyone involved, from students to teachers. Find out how these times of #RemoteLearning are changing the face of group work.
25, May 2020 EdTech Tips
AppsEvents Suite Tips – Schedule meetings in Google Meet
Does Google Meet allow to schedule meeting ahead of time? In the latest Tips & Tricks episode of our partner AppsEvents you’ll find the answer.
19, May 2020 EdTech Tips
AppsEvents Suite Tips – More Tips & Tricks for Google Classroom
Google Classroom can help both teachers and students to better manage assignments, saving a lot of time. Discover all its features in the latest AppsEvents Tips & Tricks episode.
18, May 2020 Blended Learning
Covid-19: will blended learning become the future of education?
What will school look like after the COVID-19 pandemic? Is #BlendedLearning the future of education? Discover how face-to-face lessons and online courses can live side by side.
13, May 2020 Learning skills
Learn and teach remotely with Adobe Creative Cloud
Discover how Adobe Education Exchange apps can help the education community stay strong in these times of emergency with its hub of Remote Learning resources for students and teachers worldwide.
11, May 2020 Success Stories
Changing the face of learning: a success story at Al Khubairat
It's time to go back to Abu Dhabi to listen to the voices of students from the British School Al Khubairat.
07, May 2020 Learning skills
Making school life easier with Acer and Skooler
Say hello to Acer for Education’s newest partner: Skooler is the learning tools platform that will make your teaching experience too cool for school.
06, May 2020 ConceptD
Breaking creative barriers with ConceptD
When it comes to the jobs of the future, creativity is the way to go. Meet Acer ConceptD, a brand that can make all your best ideas come true.
30, April 2020 Success Stories
Changing the face of teaching: a success story at Al Khubairat
The British School Al Khubairat in Abu Dhabi has made bold steps into the world of edtech by introducing Acer Chromebooks and G-Suite for Education.

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