[Concept Diaries] ConceptD: the perfect ally to make, in a Fashion Designer’s word, invisible visible.

We used to say that ConceptD allows creators to unleash their full potential, and today we want to introduce you to the first guest of our Create Every Day project who showed us how ConceptD enhances her skills when it comes to drawing her own creations.
She is Nastaran Hashem, young and talented Fashion Designer from Iran, who loves spending her life between sketches and fabrics. She was raised by a family of creatives and she knew – since she was a child – that her artistic soul needed a form of expression.
Today, Nastaran wishes to become a famous stylist and her dream is to launch her own brand. Even though she can’t help but draw on paper, she found in technology a powerful ally for her creations. By working alongside her ConceptD 3, in particular, Nastaran manages to give shape to her imagination:
“The creative process is faster, and it has a wider platform with technology. The amount of data we are feeding our minds every minute, affects our creative process directly. We start thinking of new ways of making, new ways of thinking, and all the possibilities, and even after we do, it’s much faster to get to a conclusion or a result. For me ConceptD is the incarnation of my sketchbook. It makes it really easier for me to give shape to my creations”. 
And with her Adobe suite she is Making the impossible possible, and the invisible visible. There are thousands of thoughts, images, and feelings we get from different situations, some of them are unknown and undefined for us, but at the same time we feel connected to them, so we contribute in bringing them to life and define them, through technologies”. 
As Nastaran says, fashion is changing every day at exponential speed, and designers need to pick up the pace of their productivity to be always on the ball. With Windows Digital Pen and Windows Ink, freehand writing and drawing has never been easier and faster, enabling sketching and handwriting on Windows Ink Workspace and Office 365 apps. Plus, Nastaran’s creativity is safe 24/7, thanks to the simple flexible management of Windows Security.
Enter the world of Nastaran and her Create Every Day.

And discover why ConceptD is a creator’s best friend!

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