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Success Stories

Innovating the teaching experience: the Arula School success story

This is exactly what happened in the Arula School, thanks to Acer TravelMate Spin B118: teachers provided  an engaging learning experience to their students.

Using technology to enhance 21st Century teaching and learning in Curro Schools

Thanks to Office 365 Suite and its main apps, Curro Schools in South Africa are creating a digital learning environment to enhance 21st Century teaching and learning approaches.

How Al Salam Private School is fostering digitalization through Acer Chromebooks and Google Suite

Discover how Acer Chromebooks Spin 11 - along with Google Suite for Education - resulted to be the best solution for Al Salam Private School to realize a profound digital transformation.

Rybnik School – Fostering collaboration with Acer Chromebooks

Kopernik School represents a best practice on how Acer Chromebooks and Google Suite for Education are a perfect mix to streamline communication flow and foster collaboration.

How Øhavsskolen’s pupils learned to code with Chromebooks

Here's how Øhavsskolen's students learnt to programme using Scratch on Chromebooks, in order to write the code to set the LED panels of Tivoli's famous Christmas lights.

Acer TravelMate B1, the perfect laptop to carry the Kramatorsk school in the future of education

For Kramatorsk students, looking for versatility and resistance in a device, Acer TravelMate B1 came out to be the perfect solution.

Learning to code with Acer CloudProfessor at the PCWorld School Camp

In this video, pupils attending the School Camp organized by PcWorld used Acer CloudProfessor to start learning to code!

Mixed Reality in Education: The Doomsday Project for the 21st Century

Mixed Reality is now a real new approach in the learning process. Here's how the Christ Church Primay School started to overturn the classroom experience of its pupils through it.

Training the students with Acer Chromebooks and CloudProfessor: the Bon Soleil success story

Discover how the Lycée Français de Gavà Bon Soleil is preparing its students for their future career thanks to Acer Chromebooks and CloudProfessor.

[Acer Innovative Schools] How Acer Chromebooks transformed Istituto Valdagno 2’s classroom environment

Is it possible to learning while having fun? Yes, if your classroom is equipped with Acer Chromebooks, like this one from Istituto Comprensivo Valdagno.